Luggage Transfers (Lt) Mission Statement.

Luggage Transfers are committed to providing a cost effective and reliable service to the walkers along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. We will collect your luggage from an agreed pick up location and deliver it to an agreed destination.

However as with all service providers, we have to operate with clearly stated Terms and Conditions. Please read these Terms and Conditions as listed below.

Terms and Conditions for the Service provided by Luggage Transfers

  1. Luggage Transfers - To be referred to as Lt from point 2 onwards- agree to provide luggage transfer along the entire Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion Coast Paths as well as the west area of Carmarthenshire coast path from Amroth to Carmarthen.
  2. Lt delivers for both individual walkers and cyclists of the coast path and also numerous companies who sub-contract the delivery work to Lt. These terms and conditions are in force for all customers of Lt.
  3. A minimum charge is applied for all transfers equal to the cost of 2 bags.
  4. All bags should be under 25kg in weight.  We feel this is a generous allowance.  If your bag weighs over this, an overweight bag pack or a note will be left asking for you to lower the weight of your bag and contact the office.  If you choose to ignore this, it is at the driver's discretion as to whether your bag will be moved.
  5. Payment can be made in a variety of ways.  The easiest is via our online payment button using a debit or credit card, but this does carry a 2.5% processing fee.  Alternatively you can pay via BACS/IBAN transfer, cheque.  If booking short notice, we are happy to accept cash left with an accommodation provider along with your bags.
  6. Any cancellation of a transfer booking will be liable to an administration charge of £10. There will be no refund on cancellations made on the day of the transfer or the day before the transfer. For cancellations with up to 28 days notice before the date of the 1st transfer, a refund of 75% of the total booking value minus admin charge will be payable to the customer by Lt. If less than 28 notice is given then a 50% refund minus admin fee will apply. In the event that a walk has commenced and some transfers are to be cancelled and others not, then Lt agrees to refund up to 50% of the value of the remaining cancelled transfers. Lt cannot hold any monies or hold any customer in "credit" for future walks in lieu of any refund.
  7. Changes to bookings by the customer - Lt will endeavour to make any relevant changes to your booking without any further fees applying, however Lt reserves the right to charge an additional administration fee where changes become so burdensome that charges become appropriate in the view of Lt's Operations Manager. It is the responsibility of the customer to inform both Lt and the accommodation provider(s) of any relevant changes or cancellations to any booking or itinerary. In the event that the customers failure to inform Lt and/or the accommodation providers results in financial loss to Lt, then Lt reserves the right to charge an additional fee to the customer reflecting that loss.
  8. Luggage Transfers agree to indemnify any loss of a WHOLE luggage item up to £250. However this only applies during the transfer period, between the time our driver picks up the item to the time he/she delivers it. Any loss of or from luggage after delivery is not covered.
  9. The customer must agree that drivers are able to use their discretion in the delivery of luggage should an accommodation be unstaffed on arrival.
    Exercising such discretion may require luggage to be dropped off in a porch/outhouse or other such suitable alternative that has been agreed with the accommodation provider without any liability against loss or damage on the part of Luggage Transfers.
  10. Luggage Transfers will aim to collect and deliver your luggage between 9.15am and 4.00pm.
  11. It is the responsibility of the walker/customer who books the luggage transfer with Lt, to ensure that the luggage is available to be collected at all times between 9.15am and 4p.00m, or within any other agreed time frame made between the accommodation owner and the local driver who has been allocated the delivery. In the event that luggage is not available for collection, and a later repeat pick up is required, Lt reserves the right to charge reasonable expenses incurred for having to repeat the journey or otherwise sub-contract the repeat journey to another service provider.
  12. Luggage Transfers Ltd. will always make every effort to ensure luggage is collected and delivered between the agreed times. However should an unforeseen circumstance occur such as vehicle break down or accident, then this may not be possible. In this event we will make every effort to make alternate and acceptable arrangements. Luggage Transfers does not accept any consequential liability resulting from such late deliveries
  13. Liability - Luggage Transfers Ltd. does not accept liability for any damage claims to bags or their contents, however we will of course take every care to ensure no damage results from our service.
  14. Luggage Transfers Ltd recommend that you obtain fully comprehensive insurance in respect of your luggage and its contents.
  15. Luggage Transfers Ltd provide luggage and general kit transfer by sub-contracting transfers to self employed drivers and taxi drivers based all around the south west of England and Wales. Our service to you, the customer, is wholly there to ensure transfers are combined in order to reduce overall costs to the customer and to reduce environmental impact. We do not accept any legal responsibility or liability whatsoever for the luggage or any accidents/damage/injury or any other mishap that may occur during the transfer of the luggage. To clarify: the driver that is sub-contracted to, by us, retains full legal responsibility and is fully liable for anything that occurs after he or she has accepted the transfer at the point that we inform him/her of the transfer in question. The fact that Luggage Transfers Ltd. agrees to pay direct to the customer up to £250 for lost luggage subject to the points raised within the above point no.9, is in no way an acceptance of liability as Luggage Transfers Ltd. will in all cases seek to be recompensed by the self employed driver in question, in the event that luggage is lost during the transfer process. This payment is a good will gesture in order to ensure that the customer does not need to get involved in recovering monies from any particular driver, and nothing more.
  16. You (the customer) accept that Luggage Transfers Ltd. are not able to check that all drivers that are sub-contracted to by Luggage Transfers Ltd. are complying with every legal requirement of the relevant enforcing authorities and that it is fully the responsibility of the self employed driver who is sub-contracted to, to ensure they are fully compliant with all relevant legal requirements in force at any particular time. This is because Luggage Transfers Ltd. retain the ability to sub-contract to any particular self employed driver or taxi driver in order to ensure the transfer occurs efficiently, and the customer accepts that it is not practicable or necessary for Luggage Transfers Ltd. to carry out these checks.
  17. Luggage Transfers  Ltd. may provide advice from time to time as required by you, the customer. However you accept that Luggage Transfers Ltd. is not liable in any way for any advice given by it or any of its sister companies, and that advice is just that - advice. Only you (the customer) is in full receipt of all of the background details and abilities of you and your party, and of any given situation whilst actually on holiday, and you accept therefore that it is only you that can determine which advice given by Luggage Transfers and its other businesses and interests is relevant and safe for you and any others in your party. Therefore after any advice is dispensed by us, it is ultimately you (the customer) that retains full liability for your own decisions and actions.
  18. Luggage Transfers agree to provide the service on the terms set out above for any bookings that are accepted by us (accepted meaning that we have confirmed by email or phone that your booking has been made). Our terms and conditions are otherwise subject to change at any time.
  19. Luggage Transfers do not store financial information such as Bank Account or Card details.
  20. Best Price Promise - Please supply us with a written quote from another supplier of luggage transfers.  We consider suppliers other companies specialising in luggage transfers and taxi companies.  Upon receipt, we will beat their quote.  We are unable to beat accommodation providers who may offer it as an add on to reservations made with them.