Our Walker's Shop

To make it easier for our walkers, we've created this shop for you to buy all the important things you might need for your walk in Wales.  We've split it into the areas, and then into the item type.  Just click on an item to be taken to Amazon to complete the purchase.  It's 100% secure, and with Amazon you know you'll be getting the best price and normally in a super quick time (Check out the Prime offer at the bottom of the page). 


There's quite a big choice of maps you can buy for your Pembrokeshire Walk.  We recommend the A-Z Adventure maps, which use the OS maps in a book form and covers the entire path, but some prefer the OS sheet maps.  Cicerone have also produced a booklet of maps, which works really well with their Pembrokeshire guide book.




There are some excellent guidebooks for the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, but our favourite is the Trailblazer Guide, which is well written and has lots of handy tips and hand drawn maps.  Some are written South to North and others North to South, so make sure you choose the correct one for your direction of walking.




Ceredigion & Carmarthenshire Maps & Guides

There's not such a large range of maps and guidebooks available for the coast paths of Ceredigion & Carmarthenshire compared to Pembrokeshire, but can recommend the following publications.




All of items above are Prime eligble.  This means, if you're a UK customer, you can have them delivered next day.  If you're an overseas customer, then you may still be able to get them next day.  If you've never had a Prime membership with Amazon, you can register for a 30 day free trial to get all the bits you need for your walking holiday.  You can cancel your membership at any time within the 30 days and get charged nothing.